You may know that a variety of finished atomizers generally appear beyond your imagine, but only a few of they can be remembered by customers. We come to list some excellent finished atomizer which are still active in the electronic cigarette market. Please follow me.

1,A series of Somk”Baby”~~(First Choice--Somk TFV8 Baby)

Since it comes to finished product atomizer series, then SMOK certainly can not be absent, as the finished product core madness, the taste experiences of inished atomizer from SMOK are quite good. Specially, a series of TFV tanks become the first choice for vapers.

2, Digiflavor atomizers (Innovation pioneer for atomizers)

Digiflavor always try to create the next atomizer different from last atomizer. Digiflavor invites the famous Italian you tube reviewer- DJLsb Vapes to design the product! The Digiflaovr aura RDA is Digiflavor’s first foray into the rebuildable dripping atomizer category. So you can expect, next atomizer will be designed by which one popular reviewer.

3, Geekvape atomizers (Best representative for overall development)

Geekvape has produced excellent works not only in mods, but also in atomizers. After Geekvape Peerless RDA, the new Geekvape Peerless RDTA is coming, which has more outstanding flavor with its precise airflow system than RDA.

All in all, as a product atomizer, it should possess these features: 1,Easy to use, 2.Nice appearance.3, Don't spill. 4, Good taste and smoke volume.